Other Surveys

Tonnage Measurement Surveys

We are authorized Naval Architects / Marine Surveyors to carry out Tonnage Measurement Surveys and certification by Greek Registration (ITC 69, Greek Rule I & II).

Also we provide calculations for GT & NT as determined in the new resolution by Greek Administration as was entering into force from 01/01/2014 and finally after 31/08/2014.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) Surveys

A&B Marine Services offers a complete UT gauging service. We are authorized by Greek Authority as Approved Service Supplier. Our team is experienced to assess the condition of steel structures and is capable of amending the gauging-patterns in order to obtain accurate assessments. Our company carries out these services for all type of vessels in dry dock, yards, anchorage, and during voyages.

A&B Marine Services can offer:

  • Design, with full naval architecture capabilities if required to minimize repairs.
  • Coordination with Class on your behalf and planning of renewals.
  • Provision of structural superintendency for repair.

Osmosis Inspections & Repair 

Osmosis can affect the value of your vessel. Small blisters are difficult to see and can be mistaken for paint blisters, which are of no structural concern.

We can provide a detailed assessment of the osmosis to a vessel and also provide professional superintendency for osmosis repairing.

During inspection, the hauling up of the boat is necessary, where it should stay 2-3 days minimum on land before launching due to moisture readings which have been taken with dry hull and normal weather conditions.

We use a Caisson V1-D1 moisture meter to provide the technical measurements.

To give you some rough guide lines - an osmosis repair in Greece is likely to take about 3 to 4 months drying period when the bottom has been cleaned from blisters level.

Document of Seaworthiness

(By Naval Architect /Greek Flag's Boats under 12 m)
This is required from Greek Authority every 4-8 years under ''the General Port's Regulation No 23 as amended and it is mandatory document undersigned by Naval Architect (after vessel's inspection) for renewal of ''License for Performance of Voyages''.

We are certified to carry out the inspection and the undersigned Document of Seaworthiness.

Why Choose a Marine / Consultant Surveyor?

As a buyer (or owner), you need to know everything about your vessel before you buy or sell. The marine surveyor will provide a report on a pre-purchase condition and value survey...



We undertake a big range of services in Recreational & Commercial Vessels.

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A&B Marine Services

A&B Marine Services is a marine service company in Greece. We provide services in many fields of Small Crafts – Yachts / Commercial Vessels and helpful advices for the solution of any problem with Great Results, Good Value and High Integrity...


We undertake a big range of services in Recreational & Commercial Vessels.

Surveying Services

Other Surveys

Consulting Services

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